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Our Services

Recycled Timber Slabbed Bench & Bar Tops, Tables & Shelving

We mill a variety or species and sizes of Australian hardwood timber and a select range of soft wood timbers. We have almost anything to suit your taste!

We can supply you with anything from a green unprocessed slab(s) right through to a kiln dried, planed, sanded and custom coated piece. If you want a side/kitchen/board room table manufactured with custom legs, we can do that too!

To take the hassle out of your project we can also deliver install/assemble your bar or benchtop inside of your home or work place.

Our Timber is Kiln Dried

WM Specialised Timber is a leading supplier of kiln-dried timber slabs in Melbourne, Australia. Kiln drying is a process that removes excess moisture from timber, making it more stable and less prone to warping and cracking. This makes kiln-dried timber ideal for a wide range of applications, including furniture making, joinery, and construction.

WM Specialised Timber uses a state-of-the-art kiln drying process to ensure that its timber is of the highest quality. The process begins with the timber being stacked in the kiln, where it is subjected to a carefully controlled environment of heat and humidity. The temperature and humidity levels are gradually increased over time, until the moisture content of the timber has been reduced to the desired level.